Under The Ring Podcast Predictions: SummerSlam 2018

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It’s here, folks!!! It’s the Biggest Party of the Summer!! It’s, hopefully, the last time we have to see Brock Lesnar (We can dream, damn it)!!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Mongo here with another set of our predictions. Counting the Kickoff show, SummerSlam has a total of 13 matches. This pay-per-view is mostly stacked, with a few weak matches here and there (We don’t need to see Finn and Baron on the main card. Sorry, Baron. You’re my boy, but even I might skip this one).

So let’s get down to it, everyone. Here are the Under The Ring Podcast SummerSlam 2018 Predictions!

  1. Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival vs The B-Team (c)
    Des- B-Team
    Kenny- B-Team
    Matt- B-Team
    Mongo- B-Team
    Mike- B-Team
    The Revival was one of the greatest tag teams on the planet while in NXT. Many compared them to the Brainbusters Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Their bouts with American Alpha, #DIY, and the Authors of Pain are still considered some of the best tag team matches in WWE history.And now we have…this. A year after they were called up, and the Top Guys are just now getting a shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles. And though we love the B-Team, we don’t want to see The Revival fall to Dallas an Axel. Sadly, that’s what we’re expecting tonight.
  2. Rusev and Lana vs Almas and Vega
    Des- Almas & Vega
    Kenny- Almas & Vega
    Matt- Almas & Vega
    Mongo- Almas & Vega
    Mike- Almas & Vega
    The Machka Mack Daddy and Lana are uh…I mean, we love y’all. We do. But……
    Image result for andrade cien almas gif
    We can’t go against El Idolo, baby!!
  3. Cruiserweight Championship Match: Drew Gulak vs Cedric Alexander (c)
    Des- Drew Gulak
    Kenny- Cedric Alexander
    Matt- Drew Gulak
    Mongo- Drew Gulak
    Mike- Cedric Alexander
    So, for those of you that don’t know, I write the 205 Live results for Sportskeeda. I’m a huge fan of the cruiserweights. Those dudes kill it week in and week out. It’s the only show I always catch live. I’d do that even if I wasn’t writing the results, it’s that good.So to see the Cruiserweight Championship match relegated to the Kickoff yet again…it pisses me off. They deserve better. That’s all I’m going to say on that.

    Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak are two of the four best talents on 205 Live, along with Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy. Those four have put on fantastic matches in the past eight months, and Gulak has a style that nobody else does on that show. He’s not flashy, he’s not a high flyer. He breaks you down. He tears you apart limb from limb. He’s the Submission Specialist.

    He has a chance to end the Age of Alexander tonight. Will it happen? I definitely think it’s the right way to go, but we’re split on this match, as you can see. Watch the Kickoff tonight, folks. Watch for this match.

  4. Daniel Bryan vs The Miz
    Des- The Miz
    Kenny- The Miz
    Matt- DB
    Mongo- The Miz
    Mike- DB
    Related image
    This match has been years in the making. Since the infamous Talking Smack segment, we’ve all been dying to see these two fight one more time. Since Bryan returned to in-ring action, we’ve been impatiently waiting for this. Now, The Miz and Daniel Bryan are finally getting a one-on-one match at SummerSlam. This is probably going to be the most emotional bout in the night.Again, we’re split here, and for good reason. There’s no wrong answer here, and since DB has said he’s not leaving the WWE any time soon, we can expect this feud to go even longer.
  5. Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin
    Des- Finn
    Kenny- Finn
    Matt- Finn
    Mongo- Finn
    Mike- Finn
    Image result for foh gif
  6. Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers (c)
    Des- New Day
    Kenny- New Day
    Matt- New Day
    Mongo- New Day
    Mike- Bludgeon Brothers
    The only reason and I mean the ONLY reason I went New Day here is that Des said it, and damn it if she’s not the Queen of Tag Team predictions. Bludgeon Brothers have absolutely destroyed Smackdown’s Tag Division, obliterating the likes of the Usos, the Good Brothers, and yes, the New Day in a matter of minutes.However, you never bet against Des in a tag match.
  7. Smackdown Women’s Championship: Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Carmella (c)
    Des- Carmella
    Kenny- Carmella
    Matt- Carmella
    Mongo- Carmella
    Mike- Carmella
    Mella is money, we all know this.There’s a lot of ways this can play out. However, what we expect is Charlotte and Becky get too involved with each other, allowing Mella to pick up the pieces. Someone is turning heel here, we just don’t know who.
  8. Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey vs Alexa Bliss (c)
    Des- Ronda
    Kenny- Ronda
    Matt- Ronda
    Mongo- Ronda
    Mike- Ronda
    Image result for foh gif
  9. United States Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Shinsuke Nakamura (c)
    Des- Nakamura
    Kenny- Nakamura
    Matt- Nakamura
    Mongo- Nakamura
    Mike- Nakamura
    It sucks that we have to say this considering Shinsuke GOD DAMN Nakamura is defending a title here but…please see the GIF above.
  10. Intercontinental Championship Match: Seth Rollins w/Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler (c) w/Drew McIntyre
    Des- Seth Rollins
    Kenny- Dolph Ziggler
    Matt- Dolph Ziggler
    Mongo- Seth Rollins
    Mike- Seth Rollins
    Here we are, the show stealer of the night. Ziggler and Rollins have been on fire in their feud for the Intercontinental Championship, and with the return of Dean Ambrose, who knows what happens tonight?Right now, it comes down to if Dean turns tonight. If it’s a yes, we went Dolph. If it’s a no, we went Rollins.
  11. Money in the Bank: Kevin Owens vs Braun Strowman (Mr. MITB)
    Des- Braun Strowman
    Kenny- Kevin Owens
    Matt- Kevin Owens
    Mongo- Braun Strowman
    Mike- Kevin Owens
    So, Braun shouldn’t have won the briefcase in the first place. He doesn’t need it. He’s a freak of nature. A monster. A true beast (fuck you, Brock).That being said…he already has it, and it’s a hard decision to just take it away from him. Then again, Kevin Owens is a master of mind games, and would most certainly sacrifice his own well being if it meant causing the Monster Among Men to go crazy and get himself DQ’d. This is another one that split us down the middle, and should be interesting to see play out.
  12. WWE Championship Match: Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles (c)
    Des- Samoa Joe
    Kenny- AJ Styles
    Matt- AJ Styles
    Mongo- Samoa Joe
    Mike- AJ Styles
    Image result for aj styles samoa joe gif
    THIS SHOULD BE MAIN EVENTING THIS FUCKING PAY-PER-VIEW!!Styles and Joe have an amazing and storied history together. Match of the year candidates all over the place. Their wars in TNA alone are legendary, and, in my opinion, gave that company the momentum it needed to not die in four years. We guarantee you this group will be chanting “Let’s go Styles!” “Let’s go Joe!” throughout the whole match.
  13. Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar (c)
    Des- Brock Lesnar
    Kenny- Brock Lesnar
    Matt- Roman Reigns
    Mongo- Roman Reigns
    Mike- Roman Reigns
    For all of our sakes, I hope Des and Kenny are wrong. Just pull the trigger already, Vince!! Just do it. For the love of all that is holy, just end this terrible title reign.

If Braun (or Kevin Owens) cashes in, who does he pin?

Des- Lesnar
Kenny- Roman
Matt- Lesnar
Mongo- Roman
Mike- Roman

How many times does Cole say “The Big Dog”?
Des- 5
Kenny- 15
Matt- 24
Mongo- 19

That’s it for our predictions, everybody. This is going to be a hell of a show. Will it top TakeOver: Brooklyn IV? It’s gonna be tough, but it has the potential to take the weekend. We’ll have to wait and see.

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